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TUM School of Management
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Final theses

Our research institute offers the supervision of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses on the topics listed below, as well as some of our own topics in cooperation with companies.


The following application documents should be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address stated in the advertisement or to

  • Exposé
  • Transcript of records
  • Curriculum vitae

Please understand that we only supervise selected theses due to limited capacities at the research institute. If no supervisor has responded to your application within two weeks, we will unfortunately not be able to supervise your thesis. Please refrain from contacting the secretariat of the Research Institute by telephone!

Guidelines, deadlines and formal requirements

The General Academic and Examination Regulations Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at the Technical University of Munich as well as the subject examination and study regulations of your respective degree program apply.

Please note the information on theses from the TUM School of Management regarding deadlines and formal requirements. These can be found at:

Citation, scope and other guidelines for the design of the thesis can be found here:Formvorschriften für Abschlussarbeiten. Please discuss any deviations from this with your supervisor.

The TUM University Library provides information on citation methods at:

Registration and submission

After consultation with your supervisor, please complete the relevant registration forms. After confirmation by the student, the supervisor registers the thesis with degree management.

To submit your application, please note the following steps as well as our information sheet in the Download Center on the TUM School of Management website (

  • On the day of the submission deadline, students send the thesis to by 11:59 p.m. at the latest. Students may, of course, submit the thesis earlier. If the submission deadline falls on a public holiday or a weekend, students are entitled to submit their thesis on the following working day. The following must be added to the submission:
  • The subject of the email should be: Thesis submission name/matriculation number: xxxxxx. Students are free to choose the file names for the thesis and all other documents.
  • Grade Management is responsible for forwarding the work to the supervisor. Students do not have to do anything else here.
  • Students send all other additional files (codes, Excel lists, etc.) directly to the supervisor or discuss with the supervisor how these files should be submitted.
  • If the supervisor requires printed copies of the thesis, students should submit these directly to the chair.

Cooperations with other Chairs

Erfolgsfaktoren und Gestaltungsfelder zur Einführung von Generativer KI
(Contact partner: Benedikt Blümelhuber)

Data und Analytics in KMU: Erfolgreiche Strategien für Einführung und Betrieb
(Contact partner: Benedict Langer)

Roadmapping zur Implementierung von modularen Produktionssystemen in der Pharmaindustrie
(Contact partner: Philipp Möller)

Data Analytics | Maschinelles Lernen | KI
(Contact partner: Sebastian Junker)

Masterarbeit: Street-level Carbon Tracking in Real-time (RT) using Power Grid Simulator
(Contact partner: Niklas Stepanek)

Bachelorarbeit: A comprehensive study of certification schemes for energy consumption
(Contact partner: Niklas Stepanek)

Entwicklungsprozess datenbasierter Dienstleistungen
(Contact partner: Lukas Schild)

Befähigung von KMU zur Nutzung von Potenzialen von Machine Learning in der Produktion und Entwicklung einer Einführungsstrategie (interne & externe Arbeiten)
(Contact partner: Niklas Stepanek)

Digital Health Interventions & Applied AI in Healthcare: Predicting Overcrowding in the Emergency Department
(Contact partner: Cornelius Born)

Innovation 5.0: Design and Impact of (generative) artificial intelligence as co-pilot for the innovation management of the future
(Contact partner: Felix Müller)

The Economnics of efficient Corporate Purpose
(Contact partner: Jürgen Hamann)

Corporate Purpose and Resilience
(Contact partner: Jürgen Hamann)

Corporate Purpose and Firm Performance
(Contact partner: Jürgen Hamann)

Industry cooperation with ZF: Development of a Generative AI-Driven Tools for maintenance repair recommender
Contact partner: Benedikt Blümelhuber)

Industry cooperation with ZF: Development of a Generative AI-Driven Tool for OPC UA NodeSet File Generation
(Contact partner: Benedikt Blümelhuber)

Industry cooperation with ZF: Development of a GenAI code analyzer and code generation tool for Programmable logic controller (PLC)
(Contact partner: Benedikt Blümelhuber)

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